A hub where people can connect and share inspiration together

Next New Malden Monthly Meeting - 6th April 
(We meet on the first Thursday of each month)
We are inspired to be a hub where people can connect and share inspiration together.
As Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness, says "These local connections hold the key to happier lives and a happier society".

This is an open group with new attendees encouraged and welcomed. On 2nd March at 20:00 we will hear about the book "Happy" by Derren Brown from Tony Willis and our
Action for Happiness Stall
 at the New Malden 
Craft Fair in the High Street on Saturday 8th July 2017.

Please share amongst family and friends.
For info: tel 079 3201 1848 or email

2017 Meeting Dates and Themes
(First Thursday of the Month)
Facilitator and Theme for the next 6 Action for Happiness New Malden Hub Meetings

March 20th has been established, since 2013 as the annual International Day of Happiness.
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 receive a free Happiness Guidebook, a wonderful new Happiness Pack for use with children and access 
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2017 World Happiness Report which is being published on the same day too.

Members of the New Malden eight week "Action for Happiness Course ~ Can we build a happier world?"
Graduates of the New Malden 2016 eight week September - October
          "Action for Happiness Course ~ 
Exploring What Matters?"

World Happiness Report

Did You Know? The Benefits of Happiness bring . . .


How Lucy used ideas from the Ten Keys to Happier Living
Find out how Lucy used ideas from the Ten Keys to Happier Living to help deal with depression and anxiety:
Read Lucy's story


Ten Keys to Happier Living is a fantastic new book from psychology expert Vanessa King,
Order your copy of our inspiring, science-based book and discover how to live a happier life and help create a happier world.


Ten Keys to Happier Living

GREAT DREAM. Ten Keys to Happier Living